TruePOS Cash register system

TruePOS Cash register system

TruePOS is our self-developed software for cash register systems with one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market. The cash registers come with an easy-to-handle touch screen and clear customer display. We adapt the system to suit you and have tailored functions for different industries and size of businesses. In addition, we handle self-service checkouts.

– Report app
– Invoicing directly from the cashier, co-invoicing for returning customers
– Digital receipts
– Integration with accounting systems & staff ledger
– Automatic daily reports for accounting

Customer display:
A display on the back of the cash register clearly shows the amount. When paying with Swish a QR-code which is easy for the customer to scan, instead of having to enter number and amount manually. The display can also be used for slide shows and films with offers or product images.

Support & guarantee
We offer support and assistance on the complete payment system throughout the contract period. Together with a full guarantee, ongoing software updates, new functions and back-up, we give you security and assurance against unexpected costs.

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