We are taking our responsibilities seriously

Development of society brings with it increased interest in “more” in all its forms.

Our commitment – it should be simple to do right by the environment

We have been working actively on environmental issues for many years in order to incorporate sustainable thinking into the organisation’s day-to-day operations.

We abide by the following principles

  • We seek to improve resource efficiency both in our own activities and through our products and services


We must always strive to minimise our plastic consumption.

Mindful choices

Our use of environmentally harmful chemicals is
minimal and we opt for eco-labelled and eco-compensated alternatives as far as possible.


We seek to choose the most environmentally sound options for passenger transport.

Communication & discussion

We make sustainability and the environment an important guiding principle
in all our external and internal communication.

Waste management

Large quantities of waste are produced in connection with our events.

Expertise & responsibility

In our internal communication we encourage employees to get involved in sustainability issues.

This policy aims to outline our efforts to achieve a more sustainable sector, with both individuals and the group as a whole taking responsibility and making mindful choices.

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